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Nylon filament

I was just looking at the special filaments again.

The Nylon looks interesting, I was wondering if anyone tried printing it on a cold bed? 

I'm using an mbot cube, and while it *can* print abs, even moderately large (or thin) prints suffer pretty catastrophically from delam/warp/splitting. I'm curious how nylon compares - is there any shrink as it cools? When printed, is it strong/flexible like ABS, or brittle like PLA?

The catalog asks what colours we would like - I thought multicoloured nylon could be interesting. I wonder how feasible an idea it would be to buy nylon dyes and dye either the filament or printed product as an end user.

Yes I printed on an mbot even ;)

You can just print on the blue/cream tape...but my top tip is using standard glue stick to glue on a piece of cheese cloth (gauze also works). When the print is not simply apply a little water and the glue and the glue stick comes off, fabric easily peels off and the print sticks superbly to bed during printing.

On the Mbot I was printing at 220 degrees with our nylon - but choose things that do not need support as nylon is hard stuff!




I was wondering about fume management? I've done some preliminary experimentation with nylons I could access locally - not in sufficient quantities to make anything more than test prints, which isn't so bad because I'm putting the printer in a breeze and making everyone stand up-wind of it while it prints.

Can you tell me what type of nylon your filament is? Do you know at which temperature it begins to degrade and give off fumes?



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