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Glass build plate


I recently bought one of BilbyCNC's glass build plates for the Replicator 2, and I love it.  I rarely have to level the bed at all.  One problem I've noticed though is that because it's quite a bit slimmer than the original build plate, the springs on the levelling screws are often fully relaxed before the plate is as high as I'd like it.  Is there anyting in particular recommended to chock the plate up just a few millimeters higher?


Just a fellow user replying with an idea... I hope that's allowed.

 Have you considered putting a spacer between the frame and the spring? You could print one, or use some washers. Otherwise you could go to Bunnings and buy longer springs.

Hi everyone - the glass is 9mm, there should be less than a mil difference between the glass an d perspex.

This being said glass is more heavy, so compresses the foam cushion pieces on the black plate the glass/perspex sits on. If they have not fallen off already (which most do)

Home remedy 101

Felt feet at the supermarket designed for chair legs are self adhesive and work a treat. We have a packet of 100 here, but the small set of 4 will do you :)

All the best



Thanks for the replies.  I found the screws were seizing up before the springs were fully extended, and a small touch of WD40 worked into the threads fixed that right up.  I may still end up putting feet or something under the plate to make up that millimeter, though.

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