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Printrbot Simple Metal high resolution

I'm printing small items for model railway use and want to tweak the Printrbot Simple Metal to be able to print at the best possible resolution. Resolution claimed is 100 micron, at which setting I've been printing, though 75 micron is also now claimed, and on the www someone is claiming 50 micron is possible.

Can anyone suggest what combination(s) of settings for the following may be appropriate for high resolution printing;

layer height - currently 100, would like to set it to be finer,

shell - currently 1.0, can / should this be less for small parts?,

top/bottom - 0.6, as above,

fill density - I've seen a variety of settings recommended, from 10 to 20%,

print speed - currently 40, will a slower speed give higher quality results? on small items the time taken to print is not really a consideration,

temperature - using Bilby black or natural 1.75 mm filament, currently set to 208deg.

In advanced settings I'm using;

Nozzle 0.4 (note that this has to be reset, Cura sets it at 0.5),

Retraction 50 / 4.5

Quality 0.3 / 0 / 0.15

Speed travel 120,

Bottom 20, Infill 0, Outer 0, Inner 0,

It would be great if Bilby (or Cura) could produce a key explaining what impact varying these parameters will have when using Cura to drive the Printrbot. 

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