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Newbie Replicator tips

For what it's worth, here are my suggestions (learnt the hard way) for successful Replicator prints:

1. Make sure your hot build plate (HBP) is level - even a few 0.001" will make a difference
2. Fully enclose the build space with a perspex cover (crucial) - use Bilby's Replicator Add-On Kit
3. Install the Sailfish firmware (I currently run RepG 039 - Sailfish with great results)
4. Put some Kapton tape under both cooling fans (stops rafts from peeling off the HBP)
5. Measure your filament diameter and set the ReplicatorG or Makerware settings to match
6. Start printing slowly, say 60 mm/s, and gradually build up the speed as you become more confident
7. Don't play around with Skeinforge settings until you have had some experience with the standard Replicator slicing profiles
8. Forget about dual extrusion (and unattended) printing until you have the above points sorted out :-)

Once your machine has run for a few days go around and re-tighten all of the screws - they tend to work their way loose.

Happy 3D printing!

Hi Steve,

where is the filament diameter setting on both software packages?



Not sure about Makerware (I don't use it) but on ReplicatorG:

GCode->Generate->Plastic tab->Filament diameter


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