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can not load plastic - head not completely heating

When i try and load the plastic filament, the print head seems to need to heat to around 220 deg C.

my problem is that the print head will only heat to 216 deg C. because of this the printer just sits there waiting to completely heat up before it will

start the motor to drag the plastic filament into the extruder. after 5 mins trying to heat up the function to load filament times out.

do i need to replace the heater? or is there something else i can do to fix this problem?

I have a replicator dual extruder which is 6 months old.


Hi Andrew - this sounds like a faulty thermo cable. There is a fact sheet on this attached. Open a ticket if you think this is the problem and we can organise for  a new one to be sent out



Just a quick update on my little problem.

Problem solved.
fix = my right print head was missing the ceramic tape, I replaced it and every works.
the head heats up to 220 deg c, it loads the filament and prints perfectly.

thanks to everyone at BilbyCNC that helped me out.


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