My printer has stopped mid print

First of all this article is specifically directed at customers who are operating their 3D printer via a USB connection.


A few people have reported issues with their printer stopping mid print (completely stopped not printing air). This is associated with their computer has gone to ‘sleep’ or hasn’t been used in a while.


This has been occurring since an upgrade with windows and some versions of MAC operating systems. This upgrade disconnects or ‘times out’ from USB connections in sleep mode, and also when not-in-use. When the computer disconnects it no longer provides the instructions for the printer to continue printing, therefore the printer stops completely mid print.


The simple and most effective way to resolve this issue is to print your file from an SD card. You also save power by not having to run your computer simultaneously with the printer.


Or you can change the time out settings, in your control panel in windows. Below is a run through of the steps for a windows version 7. ( For full version see link windows screen saver timeout period change )


If your computer has a different windows version or runs MAC software please Google ‘change time out settings’ for your versions of operating system and you will find the run down on how to do this.


1. Right click on an empty space on the desktop and click on PERSONALIZE

2. Click on the SCREEN SAVER link at the bottom of the Personalization window.

3. If you select a screen saver

     Select how many idle minutes to WAIT before the selected screen saver displays

     Click OK

4. If you selected (None) for no screen saver

     Check the ON RESUME display logon screen box

     Select how many idle minutes to WAIT before going straight to the log on screen without a screen saver displaying first.

     Click OK