Do you need to jump back a version of Makerware?

Ok, so lets be honest here - sometimes we all wish we could go back in time and undo the Makerware upgrade. Especially when you discover that you HAVE to upgrade the firware to run the new file format, or you suddenly can not connect to your bot any more.


I feel the need to say that one of the things I love about Makerbot IS that they keep improving things like their firmware and software, but sometimes I wish they took a breath and tested a little longer, so we have listed the older versions here so you can go back a step and will try and list future updates here to - with dets about what is goiing to change BEFORE you update, so you can be a bit more "in the know" before you upgrade, and have the ablity to jump back.


To date we can not do this for the firmware, but we have a tool that lets you jump back a step - check out the solution :

MakerBot Replicator 2 : Upgrading Firmware - Upgrade Failed

Right button click over the link "save link as" to save the file in your chosen location

Windows Software Updates (in newest to oldest order )

UPDATE 9 June 2014

Makerware Desktop released 12 March 2014

The 3.1 version upgrade in June 2014 took temperature control away from Replicator 5 users. This version has it still enabled :)

Download : MakerBot_Bundle_BETA_3.0.0.13_x64_Install

UPDATE 9 June 2014

Makerware (inc Makerware for Digitizer )

This edition includes the Digitizer bundle/software) and drivers. It was released in December 2013, prior to the new Desktop software

Download : MakerWare_Bundle_of_Awesome_2.4.0.14_x64.exe (Windows version)

Makerware 2.4.0 : Released 

 What updated :

      For Digitizer :  New multiscan feature for the digitizer. Lighting acclimation feature to lessen impact of overhead lights

      For Makerware : New filament fan modulation for Repliactor 2 to reduce PLA and Flexible filament stringing (spider-webing).

                               Ability to combine overlapping object mesh (so they print as one object)

                              More stable extrusion guard patterns

                              Bug fix for temperature settings in the MAKE dialog

                              Bug fix to stop crashing when custom profiles are created

 Required 7.4 Firmware or higher

Makerware : Released 30 October 2013

 What Updated : This is a big update! Better raft (so much easier to remove now!) and supports. New cleaning nozzle feature. New Preview options that give time estimates and show support paths. Huge updates in dual extrusion features

 Required 7.4 Firmware or higher

 Platform : Win 7/8 X 64    Download : MakerWare_Bundle_of_Awesome_2.3.2.49_x64.exe


  Platform : Windows XP

  Required 7.2 FIrmware or higher

  Download : MakerWare_Bundle_of_Awesome_2.2.2.89_BETA_Install.exe