50mm (2 inch) Kapton TapeAbout Kapton Tape

Kapton Tape is used primarily to ensure that your build sticks to the build plate, as well as making sure it can be removed afterwards. It is used when printing with ABS filament as it is a heat resistant material. As you use your machine, you will find that the Kapton Tape wears over time. Prints can occasionally stick to the tape causing holes when the print is removed from the bed. For these reasons, the Kapton Tape on your bed will need to be replaced from time to time, either when it is damaged or after about 4 weeks. It is a simple process, however you must ensure the bed is cold when removing/applying new tape.


How Do I Fit It?

First, peel off the old tape. Then cut off about eight inches of new tape and fold over about an inch at one end -- this will give you something to hold on to.


Lay one long edge of the tape down the center of the platform and slide a finger along the edge to make it stick. Once you have that center line down, start to push the kapton tape out towards the side edge of the build platform a little bit at a time, pushing the bubbles away from you as you go.


Your Replicator Accessory Box came with a tape applicator, which is great at smoothing out the bubbles, but if you haven't got that handy, try using a credit card. Once you've pushed out all the bubbles, trim off the excess tape at the edge of the platform using a scissor or exacto knife. Now repeat the process on the other side to cover the second half of the platform.


Try to avoid leaving an overlap in the middle where the two pieces of kapton meet, as this can cause problems when printing. Take time to carefully align the two pieces and leave as little of a gap as possible.


You can also patch damaged areas or holes with small pieces of kapton tape.


  • Use a cloth or plastic "scraper"/applicator
  • Work in strips with the first one in the centre of the bed, working from one end
  • Leave overhang when applying tape, then trim along the edge with a sharp knife