• After you have downloaded your Mach3 software from the Mach Support website and installed it, it will run in trial mode with the main limitation that you are restricted to 500 lines of GCode, only enough for very small/simple items.
  • By default, your software will install to the directory c:\Mach3
  • We organise the license through the MachSupport wholesale channel and a license is issued to us via email. We then forward the attachment to you (and keep a copy in our archive in case it is lost, or you never get the email).
  • All you should need to do is save the attachment to the directory where you installed Mach3 (by default c:\Mach3) and when the software starts it will recognise the license and unlock it's fully functionality.

If the software doesn't recognise the license, please try these solutions until you have a solution:

  1. Close Mach3 and reopen it (you may need to use task manager to check it really is closed)
  2. Restart the computer
  3. Check that the license has really saved into the correct directory by going to the directory. Then try starting Mach3 from there (Mach3.exe)
  4. Try running the software as administrator (mostly only helps with Windows Vista in certain networked environments)
  5. Submit a ticket, email tech support or call 1800-245-297 during business hours, Australian Eastern Time (+61 2 4403 0352 internationally)