The calibry scanner has 3 scanning modes (selected on the scanner before you start scanning, please refer to manual)

  • Texture mode 
  • Geometry Mode
  • Marker mode

Geometry Mode 

Geometry mode uses the geometric shape of the object to map your movement of the Calibry scanner. This is very difficult when scanning an object with recurring shapes like the Turbine we are using in this example.

As you move the scanner the machine has difficulty working out which blade is which and how far you moved as a result.

So as you can see in this photo, it gets lost and maps incorrectly, so our turbine becomes 3 incorrectly mapped turbines more closely resembling a pretzel.


Thus you can not use Geometry mode to scan a model like this with with recurring geometry.

Marker Mode 

We then ran a "Marker mode" scan of the red turbine.


We placed it on a non-reflective surface (cardboard box) on our white concrete floor. We then randomly placed markers around the object (see picture left)


We scanned standing still due to space at our site at the time (it was difficult to actually walk around the object.)


You will see that the object scanned perfectly and had we actually moved around more it would have captured all geometry.


The only thing we did from default settings is reduced Frame rate at 16, all other settings left at default.

Prior to render / Raw scan:

Post render:

Post texture Render:

You can see the dramatic difference Marker mode provides and hopefully why we highly recomment this mode over others for accurate results

Switching modes on the calibry

Please refer to the manual for detail :

Specifically Page 11