Are you having problems with your Flashprint software?

LAST UPDATE 27 July 2016

Ok, so lets be honest here - Windows 10 really does not deal with drivers to any printer (paper or 3D) well. We had a situation in our office where one pc, post upgrade to Windows 10, could no longer see any office printers for 3 months! Then one day they all reappeared. Same PC still can not actually install any new printers :(

We know from customer feedback and our own experience that some of the Windows 10 impacts on Flashprint software have been :

  • Flashprint gets errors and will not open
  • It opens but will not load a model
  • Works perfectly, but does not connect via USB to printer
  • Works perfectly but WIFI connection to machine does not work

Interestingly with Makerbot Desktop we found jumping back to versions from a year ago worked, so we have been experimenting with Flashprint too

So far we have success with version 3.5.1 on all win10 machines and are working our way forward from there. We have also put in 3.8.0 which some WIN 10 machines are working perfectly on.

When we have done more testing we will be more definitive, but for know here are the files so you can try it out yourself.

Right button click over the link "save link as" to save the file in your chosen location or copy and paste link into your browser

Version 3.5.1 (32 bit, but seems to work ion 64 bit machines)


Version 3.8.0 (32 bit, but seems to work ion 64 bit machines)