This glass bed kit is designed to allow you safer access to prints to remove them from the bed, and allow for faster starting of the next job.

How to fit your kit.

1. Remove and tape you have on the bed

2. Remove the 4 nuts located in the 4 corners of the bed (from underneath)

3. Slide a corner bracket up the screw in each corner fastened with the wing nut. Push the corner bracket in on both sides tight up against the bed as you tighten nut.

4. Apply tape to your bed as desired and pop in the Glass bed by putting in back corners and pushing back slightly to pop in the front.

5. Remove the LOGO plate behind bed and place the Z axis spacer in - to trigger the Z endstop the 5mm sooner required for the glass bed.(See image 2)

6. Check levels, which should be fine, and print.