About Twin Extruder Nozzle Alignment

Nozzle Alignment

When the extruders are not aligned you end up with prints like those pictured right, where one nozzle is printing too far to one direction

in comparison to the other nozzle.

When twin extruding it is vital that both nozzles are calibrated to each other in the X (left—right) Y (front back) and Z (up—down) directions. 

How to fix it

  1. measure the offset on something you have already printed, using digital calipers may help.

  2. Connect to your Flasforge dreamer via wi-fi or USB in Flashprint.

  3. Click on the tools menu and select on-board preferences.

  4. In the dialogue that is presented you can change the name of your printer and the offset in the x and y axis. 

  5. The right nozzle is your primary nozzle and the left is the one that you are adjusting the offset to.The default distance between nozzles is 34mm in the X direction and 0mm in the Y direction. Increasing the X value will mean that your moving the head to the left this will fix the alignment issue shown in the picture. Increasing the Y offset will set the left extruder in front of the right meaning if your prints are bulging out at the front when printed it will correct that.

  6. Run a test print to see if you have corrected enough and in the correct direction.

  7. Repeat as necessary.


This will not fix any problems you have with the alignment of height difference between nozzles.

For an article on fixing Z height issues follow this link.

Bilby3D hopes you found this helpful.