For those that are using Simplify3D in place of the FlashPrint software for their FlashForge Dreamers, there is a documented problem with Dreamers running Firmware 2.4.

It appears as though the WiFi and USB protocols had been changed from firmware version 2.3 to version 2.4 which results in Simplify3D being unable to detect the printer via USB cable.

The current solution for this is to rollback the firmware to 2.3.

To rollback the firmware:

1. download a previous version of FlashPrint (V3.2.0 is available through here:

2. install it (this will rollback your SOFTWARE)

3. before opening the program, navigate to the installation directory and locate the "Firmware" folders (this contains the firmware files you need to rollback to)

4. copy the folder to a new location on your computer (this is to avoid having the auto-updater overwrite the firmware files you need)

5. start FlashPrint - you will be notified about updating your software (you can ignore this is you wish)

6. go to Tools > Update Firmware. This will re-upload the older firmware files to your machine.

Note: if you elected to update your software after starting FlashPrint, remember to copy the Firmware files you saved back into the installation directory before you run the Firmware update.

If you are having difficulties with this please feel free to contact our technical support team.