Do you need to jump back a version of Makerbot Desktop?

LAST UPDATE 27 July 2016

Ok, so lets be honest here - sometimes we all wish we could go back in time and undo the Makerbot Desktop upgrade. Especially when you discover that the upgrade you installed just stopped you from being able to slice (for example)


I feel the need to say that one of the things I love about Makerbot IS that they keep improving things like their firmware and software, but sometimes I wish they took a breath and tested a little longer, so we have listed the older versions here so you can go back a step and will try and list future updates here to - with dets about what is going to change BEFORE you update, so you can be a bit more "in the know" before you upgrade, and have the ability to jump back.


Important dates and Notes

  • Smart extruder + - requires 3.9 or later. Note you can not print a previously sliced model on a Smart Extruder 2. You must reslice. If you do not have this version - it still works fine on both extruder types - FYI
  • Windows 10 - Makerbot says it requires v 3.8.1 or later, however we found that some WIN 10 machines reject it, and we have had to jump back to version 3.7 to get "background services" to run and thus allow slicing
  • Windows XP - Makerbot says you requires 2.2 or later (download from, but we have running the VISTA version below on some machines without issue

  • Windows Vista - Requires 3.2 or earlier

Right button click over the link "save link as" to save the file in your chosen location or copy and paste link into your browser

Version 3.2 - For WIN Vista 

 This is the last version we have got to work with WIN vista


Version 3.9 Jan 2016

This version fixes some Win 10 problems, and introduces the added "Smart Extruder +" options including a "Smart Extuder Type" dropdown. 

Note - YOU MUST also update firmware if using a Smart Extruder +

Known Issues

  • During autoupdate, the installer dialog can appear before MakerBot Desktop is completely closed. Wait 5 seconds after the appearance of the installer dialog before clicking "Yes" to start installing.
  • Slicing a file with unicode characters in the filename will fail. To get around this issue, rename your file.
  • If an error is thrown when connecting to a hidden wireless network, please dismiss the error and check to see if you are connected before attempting to connect again.
  • The toolpath visualizations for the Replicator Single, Replicator Dual, Replicator 2, and Replicator 2X begin at the fourth layer.
  • Transformation icons have invisible text labels.


Version 3.8 from Dec 2015

UPDATE 7 Dec2015

Known problem - when slicing for the Replicator 2 can just slice the nozzle cleaning strip and nothing else

Version 3.7 from June 2015

This version is here because is works well on WIN 10, where later versions may not. It is important you say YES to install all the drivers that will pop up with permissions boxes