Symptoms :

- The extruder assembly does not sit firm

- It is impossible to align left and right nozzle

- Nozzles seem to move if I push them/When bump into bed


When you unpacked the machine and screwed on the extruder you may have used the wrong screws to screw the extruder in place.

The extruder should be held on with a 15mm long cap crew (M3).

If, for example, you use a longer screw than intended at right end of the mount and the correct 15mm screw at the left, the right nozzle will be higher and not held firm.


Remove the screws and check they are both 15mm from tip to end (12mm in the thread)

Re attache extruder making sure both sides are firmly attached and there is no excess thread or wobble in the extruder.

Re-level bed now both extruders are mounted correctly.

Bilby 3D hopes you found this helpful