Makerbot 5th Generation - Blank LCD Screen

We have had a few cases recently where users have reported that the LCD screen on their Makerbot 5th Generation printer does not switch on when the machine is powered on. In all cases there was no specific incident or action that caused this problem.


In all cases the LCD remains blank and shows no signs of activity even when the unit is powered on. The backlight on the controller button is white and remains stable while the printer is on. The button itself however is unresponsive to any button presses or turns.

Blank LCD screen showing the button back-light on


Unfortunately we do not know exactly how the problem is caused, however from our investigation we can conclude that the problem can be either with the power supply or the motherboard. The only way to check that is to swap out the parts.

If you are experiencing these problems please contact our tech support team for further assistance.

Bilby3D hopes you found this helpful