Machine on but Screen blank

Description of the problem :

You turn the machine on, you get the normal start up beeps, but the screen does not light up.

On the motherboard the two voltage LEDs labeled "5V" and "24V" should still light up - they are located between the thermocoupler connectors and the "B" fan connector on the motherboard.

Possible causes:

1. The Bot Steps

2. The LCD Carrier board

3. The Motherboard

Diagnosing the cause

1. The Bot steps

Bot steps are motor driver boards that control the movement of the motors. There are 4 on a Replicator and 5 on a twin extrudes Replicator 2X - X Y Z and extrudes A (and B)

When they are failing or have blown they can make the screen dull, or even appear blank.

To test turn off the machine and unplug the power. Turn the machine on its side and remove the protective plate to the motherboard.

Now remove all the bot steps; reconnect the power (you do not need to turn the machine back upright) and turn on the machine

     - does the screen now light up?

If YES - one or more of your bot steps are faulty. Replace one at a time - turning off power before and after each addition, to find the faulty driver board.

IMPORTANT - Do not place a botstep in upside down. PLEASE check the attached photo to make sure you are locating them the correct way up 

See here for photo of mighty board :

See here for a photo of a bot step :

If you need to replace a bot step you can purchase one here :

2. The LCD Carrier

The LCD Carrier board is the base board for your LCD screen. If it blows the screen will appear dull, or alternatively may refuse all sd cards.

Unfortunately the only way to test it is with another LCD assembly.

3. The Mightyboard/motherboard

The last option is the actual mightyboard. Again the only way to test is to connect your LCD to a new board to test.

If you think it is the LCD or Mightyboard

At this point, if you are in Australia, we recommend paying the base service fee (approx $100) to have us test the Mightyboard and LCD assembly for you. Contact our nearest office to arrange this. If the machine is under warranty through Bilby 3D this testing may be completed without cost