Preventing filament jams in the Smart Extruder

Taken that the filament jam is in the extruder, and not related to the error message "filament jam" mid print this should help. If it is 

a) in the first layer, during the raft - see z axis offset

b) mid print  - check the spool is not jamming and thus stopping the machine from being able to pull the filament.

Take that neither of these apply read on.

The most common problem with the Smart Extruders is a break in the filament during unloading that causes a jam in the extruder.

Avoiding the problem

We found that using the pinch clip on the right (your right when facing the machine) side of the smart extruder before pulling out filament seems to stop this happening.

Fixing it once it has happened

The Smart Extruder only has 90 days warranty. So after that date Makerbot leaves you on your own to buy a new extruder. At almost $400 (AUD) this is an expensive ask. We re-furb and repair them for our customers for $85. Alternatively you could check this article out - it shows how they pull apart, and in most cases you can get the broken piece out yourself. Be aware that this action voids warranty completely, but if it is 90 days + that is somewhat obsolete.  - Note sometimes the piece is actually in the barrel (in the centre of the circular aluminium heat sink just below where this video shows - otherwise great vid

written article here :

Bilby3D hopes you found this helpful