Makerbot 5th Generation Replicator Error Messages : What do they mean

This document is not a solution.

It is simply a guide for our staff and customers as to what the error messages mean. Ie what actually triggered the message.

It is designed to help you understand the messages your Makerbot 5th Generation Replicator is providing you.

It is a "work in progress", and we are adding to it all the time, as we learn more, you can too.

Makerbot have not released any of this information to us. It is learned on the fly by our techs and constantly being upgraded.

Homing error

Full Message : There a few related messages that all contain "Homing Error"

What does it mean: Homing errors relate to the abiltly to find the build plate level. 

How to fix it: There is a separate solution article about this here (WHAT DO I DO IF I RECEIVE A HOMING ERROR?), in most cases the "bounce" ability of the nozzle is jammed and just needs wiggling to fix.

Error 55 Heat watch dog error

Full Message : Sorry we did not document this at the time, and have only seen it once.

What does it mean: This error relates to the readings on the temperature sensor. The machine thinks it is so hot it shut down for safety.

How to fix it: I am sorry, the only case we saw of this required returning to Makerbot for repair

Error 61 filament feeding error 

Full Message :

What does it mean: That the castle head screw (also known as a Hob Bolt) can not /Is not spin/ing. Meaning the filament can not be driven down into the extruder. This may be because of a spool jam that is restricting the flow of filament to the extruder or because filament has broken within the extruder blocking the filament path. This is usually at only 4-5 cm down into the extruder.

How to fix it: Check the filament spool is not jammed and can spin freely and that the filament has not knotted. You extruder may need to be repaired for you.

Error 65 Thermocoupler Communication

Full Message :Oops we have a problem with your smart extruder (Error 65 : Thermocoupler Communication failure). Please disconnect and re-connect your smart extruder

What does it mean:  The machine thinks the connectors to the thermocoupler are not connected.

How to fix it:  This error is usually the result of a connection issue between the smart extruder and the Smart Extruder carriage. Pull off the smart extruder. Clean pins and re-connect it. In most cases it is actually that the smart extruder is not connected properly or has dirt connectors. Press down the pins on the smart extruder a few times to make sure they have not got bend, damaged or stuck.

If the message is occurring mid print make sure the spool is not getting stuck and pulling the smart extruder off slightly.

Finally, take a look at the white ribbon cable that runs from the Smart extruder carriage to the back right of the machine.  Are there any damaged points? If so (and the above did not stop the problem) please log a ticket with a photo. Also check that the cable has not become loose at either end.

Error 71 

Full Message : Sorry we did not document this at the time, and have only seen it once.

What does it mean: We discovered that a wire inside the machine was de-soldered, so would conclude this is a connections check error that resulted from a circuit check on start up

How to fix it: Replace smart extruder

Error 72

Full Message : EXTRUDER ERROR Oops, we have a problem with your Smart Extruder (Error 72: Tool Fan Open), Please visit our support page at

What does it mean: The error relates to the extruder fan, inside the Extruder assembly unit located on the machine (not the smart extruder)

How to fix it: There are 3 events that trigger this error. 

1. The fan is actually faulty. Unfortunately it is custom difficult to replace. Also to date we have never seen the error actually be caused by the fan. 

2. The main board within the assembly unit is damaged/ malfunctioning

3. The connector cable between the assembly unit and the main motherboard is damaged.

Sorry there is no good outcome here. Makerbot does not supply the parts individually and the whole extruder assembly unit is over $500 AuD 

If you are lucky it is the extruder causing this error to trigger because it has another error. If you have a spare smart extruder (or a friend with one) try that, however the odds are slim, sorry.  You can also book a service with us (Bilby 3D) and we can check these things out for you

Error 1013

Full Message : Homing timed out...

What does it mean: The machine has not been able to complete the homing routeen because it is not getting feedback from its sensor/s

How to fix it: 

We do not have a solution here. In most cases it just goes away and works when you restart. If it is a repeated problem the level sensor may be faulty. Open a ticket

Error 1024

Full Message : Your smart extruder is not connection.....

What does it mean: The machine does not think that the smart extruder is connected

How to fix it: 

Check the extruder is actually attached flush to the machine. The castle nuts can sometimes mis align. Many cases of this error (at the attachment of the extruder or on load) are because either the extruder was not connected perfectly or tthat there is oil or similar on the connectors. Take off the extruder and clean the connectors to be sure this is not the case.


Where it occurs mid print - Make sure the filament is not pulling the extruder off the machine. 

If this is not the case, we have seen some smart extruders are just faulty in this regard. Open a ticket please.

Bilby3D hopes you found this helpful