Connecting to the Camera through Makerbot Desktop

To view the camera feed, click the menu icon at the lower right corner of the MakerBot Desktop screen to show the print monitor panel. The camera feed will only be visible when the status bar is expanded. 



Still having trouble?

If you have expanded the status bar to show the monitor panel and the camera feed does not appear, make sure that your MakerBot Replicator is connected via Ethernet or a Wi-Fi network. The camera feed will not be visible if you are connected via USB cable.


If you have a network connection to your printer and still cannot view the camera feed, or if you are receiving an error message, the cable that connects to the camera may have become loose in shipping. Locate the small gray cable plugged in behind the LCD screen that connects to the camera. If the cable is not plugged in, please attach it. If it is already attached, unplug it and plug it back in.

Need more help? - Start a ticket here if you bought the machine from us or otherwise see your place of purchase/warranty provider

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