LCD Menu Navigation for the 

Makerbot Replicator 5th Generation 3D Printer

Thought we would make navigating the LCD a little easier with a quick flow chart for you all ;)

Main headings are in Bold Black text

Sub heads below that 

What that feature does (out notes) in blue italics



  • USB Storage : Contents of your USB Finger
    • Internal Storage : Examples : You can store files on your machine. This menu displays those files. Starts with one folder called "examples"
  • Your Library : Available soon
  • Purchased : Makerbot Digital store files you have purchased - not currently available


  • Unload Filament 
  • Load Filament
  • Preheat : Click to start preheat and then temperature of heater block will also display


  • Level Build Plate
  • Camera
    • Take a picture
    • Browse Pictures
    • Copy pictures to USB
    • Clear Pictures
  • System Tools 
    • Attach Smart Extruder : Use this if your smart extruder is removed while machine is on or not connecting properly
    • Diagnostics
    • Reset to factory settings
    • Power Off : Click to put your machine in standby mode. Press the dial to re - wake the machine


  • Account
  • Machine settings

Info : Displays current firmware version

  • Network : Displays network settings; IP address, Subnet, MAC Address
  • Statistics

Bilby3D hopes you found this helpful