Step 1 : test the cable

Turn the machine on its left (your left when facing the machine) side and remove the base plate that protects the motherboard. You will see the z axis motor next to the mother board. Unclip the small white

connector at its base and connect up the Z axis cable from your new cable (the smallest in length, if it is not labeled)

Remove the right side panel off your machine (6 large cap screws hold it inplace)

Now unclip the X axis motor cable and connect the new cable (the longest ribbon

cable length) by just threading it through around the outside of the machine and in the right side

Lastly unclip the Y and connect the new one, again running straight through the

right side.Now connect the new cable to the motherboard. It is the only connector of its size

on the motherboard and you can use the z axis cable to follow it back to the motherboard.

Gentle turn your machine upright, be careful not to squash any cables as you have a few dangling about now.

Plug in and turn on the machine and test the new cable by telling it to home, or using jog mode, or even

doing a highly supervised small print, watching those dangling cables carefully.XYZ_motor_cable.jpg

All good ? Yes? Then tidy up, otherwise contact us.


Step 2 : Tidy up

Start at the x motor. Thread the old cable backwards carefully cutting the small zip tie that holds the motor

cable to the endstop cable and unclipping the cable from the cable clips on the chassis. You will find the cable

enters the body through a small triangle hole in the base, push it through and thread back up the new


Plug the cable into the stepper motor and re-trace the cable path, popping the cables back in the cable clips

on the chassis, push excess cable back down to the underside of the machine.

Do the same for the Y axis motor.

Now with the machine on its side, if it was not already, you just need to neaten up the z axis cable and remove

the old cable.

Turn the machine upright and test again.