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Brand new Cream Tape for your PLA printing
Makerbot Digitizer: 3D Scanner almost here
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Makerbot Digitizer 3D Scanner

Makerbot Digitizer 3D Scanner
They are  so close now. . . they have left Makerbot and we expect to see them mid next week, but as with all new tech, it is selling fast, so please, if you were counting on one in the first batch, and you have not put your order in, get it in, or you may miss out.
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New Cream tae for PLA printing

New Cream tape in stock and Soooooo much better than Blue tape!
This special tape is far superior to the standard blue tape we have all been using for so long.

The adhesive is much stronger, so it will not lift up and allow prints to warp like the old blue tape. It also has a coated surface that makes PLA stick even better! Plus it is more heat resistant also
But best of all we have been able to come to a deal with 3M so that we can get it even cheaper than the Blue Tape! So it is Win, Win, Win.
We have been using this for a while now and it is so much stronger that we hardly ever have to change the tape on the bed, and have never seen the tape pull up off the bed like we saw so often on big prints with the blue tape. We just wipe it with acetone every now and again to keep it clean and oil free.

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