PrintOber 2013 :  Celebrating 3D Printing across Australia

Every  year BilbyCNC proudly  hosts PrintOber

A month long celebration of 3D  Printing. 

This year we are proud to be launching the Australian  3D Inovation Awards, an opportunity for Australian business to show  off the amazing things they are doing with 3D Printers.

We were so  impressed by the student design entries in last years 3D  Design Competition that this year we have opened it up exclusively  to students (big and small) and are offering up a 3D  Printer to the winner.

PLUS we are again running our bulk filament deal - this year  get 5 rolls of filament for the price of 4 all month! 

But  best of all - Golden  Tickets!
1  in every 5 filament boxes sold in October includes a Golden  Ticket which award the holder with a free roll of filament! 

What  are you waiting for? Go on, read more, and get those entries in!


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Have you found a Golden Ticket? 
Golden Tickets have been placed into 1 in every 5 of our  BilbyCNC brand spools.

If you are lucky enough to get one you instantly  win a free spool of filament! 

Read the full detail here 


3D Innovation Awards! 
Get  your entries in now!

This is a national awards program for Australian  businesses utilizing 3D printing to create end user products, or change  traditional manufacturing techniques. It is an opportunity for innovative people  to showcase the exciting things they are doing with this new  technology. 

BilbyCNC  is hosting these awards and can not wait to read your entries. Some of the  things you guys are doing blow our minds and we think everyone should have their  minds similarly blown in awe of you all. We know that you are doing things from  printing DNA, to creating disability assistance devices, to items of national  security, to skateboard parts, to ….well you know better than us, so get  writting and let us know. 

Awards  will be provided for :

  • Gold  and Silver Awards will be awarded to Australia’s most innovative and  exciting adopters of 3D Printing Technology 
  • Top  10 Australian 3D Innovators
  • Changing  Lives Award for the person/organisation/company whose use of 3D Printing  technology is making a difference to peoples lives 
  • Modern  Manufactures Award for the most amazing use of 3D Printers on a commercial  basis producing end stage products

Nominations  closes 30 October 2013. Winners to be announced in November

For "How To Enter" Information and all the Fine Print Click  Here.



Show Off Your Designs and Win a 3D Printer! 
We are again hosting a 3D Design competition for all you  student designers out there! 
Entrants  MUST be a student at Primary or High School, TAFE or University.
The  winner will be given a MBot  3D Printer! from BilbyCNC 

How  to enter
Draw  it : Your model must be 3D modeled, and saved as an STL file 
Submit  it : Email your stl file to printober(at) on or before 30  October 2013 
Include :  Your name (first and last), Age, Name of School, State (as in WA, VIC etc), your  email and a contact phone number (of a parent/guardian if you are under 18 yrs  old) and delivery address for prizes (if you win). PLUS in a short paragraph tell  us why you want to win a 3D Printer 
Fine  Print : Your entry automatically means you have agreed that a picture of  your model and your initials and state may be publishing by BilbyCNC in  promotional material. BilbyCNC agrees that you remain the owner of the model and  will not publish or use the model in 3D form (except to generate a jpg for the  site, or to print the model for judging purposes, and /or your winning trophy).  BilbyCNC also has the right to publish your written entry (excluding personal  details)

Entries will be judged on their 3D model complexity and skill,  as well as their answer to the question "Why do you want a 3D printer".  The winner will be contacted directly and announced in the first week of  November on our website 

This  is a national competition open to all Australian students. Last year we were  so impressed by the entries we awarded two prizes. We can not say how impressive  you will be this year, but promise to give away at least one printer. We will  also be awarding certificates to the Most  inovative designers. After 14 October we will put entries up online for you  to check out 


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