The controller the box has been set up by the factory, and you should just need to press the green run button.


The 400 number displayed (395 in the picture) is Hz, referring to the frequency sent by the VFD to the spindle.



Use the arrow pad until you have the Hz LED light up, turn the knob clockwise until the readout reaches 400, then press RUN, the spindle will start up. It will accelerate from standstill to the set frequency.


Press the red button to have the drive stop, the motor will freewheel and come gradually come to a stop.


If the display shows RES, then the emergency stop switch is depressed and should be reset by turning the mushroom shaped button clockwise.


The FOR/REV (sometimes labelled DIR) button will reverse the direction of the spindle. Only do this when the spindle is not rotating!


The other buttons and functions are for setting and recalling programs. You can crate a program which runs at a one speed for a length of time, then changes to another speed for another length of time. We do not find these functions very useful, but if you experiment and find a use for this, we’d love to know.







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