About your Wood Filament

This is a new experimental filament made from a mix of wood particles and polymers, which can be used in your 3D printer to produce items that look like wood or cardboard.


After printing it also smells like wood and can be grinded and painted in the same way as wood.


The print texture is simply beautiful and it hides print layers nicely, without making extremely thin layers.

Even tree rings are possible by varying the extrusion temperature, which results in different shades of brown.

(We will have a fact sheet on this up on support.bilbycnc.com.au shortly)


own_small_preview_featured.jpgNo heated bed is necessary and it is warp-free

Recommended extruder temperatures 185°-230° Celsius.

It is made in Germany, and distributed in Australian by BilbyCNC. The manufacturers have spent over a year on research and development of the material, and feedback to date has been positive.




We hope you like it and look forward to your feedback.