ABS VS PLA VS OTHER FILAMENTS: PLA is easier to print with, and stronger in most environments. However it is not good in wet application, or under flex tensions. The Replicator 2X provides you with the option to experiment and take advantage of new developments in filament. As the filament industry is in its infancy there are loads of new and exciting developments, like nylon and wood filaments. Those who do not require a heated bed will work on the Replicator 2, however others, like nylon, will need the Replicator 2X



The Original (plywood) Makerbot Replicator took a giant leap forward, bringing us Dualstrusion - 2 colour or even media printing! The Replicator 2X takes Dual Extrusion to the next level! Empowered by new dual-strusion tools in makerware, this machine opens up whole new possibilities. Plus Firmware improvements have reduced filament reversal, retraction, and over-run, meaning more

definition between colours.


DO YOU NEED DUALSTRUSION? Obviously this gives you dual colour printing, but it also provides the flexibility to experiment with designing using dissolvable support material, for example.


Still not sure? Give us a call and we’ll help you work it out