Indepth Analysis of the Replicator 2 vs 2X

We have had the Replicator 2X for a few weeks now, and have been running it through its paces. I have to admit, being a big fan of the Replicator 2, my first impressions of this machine were not good.

We were given a prototype machine a little earlier than this machine was released and quite frankly it continues to be a very difficult machine. If this is all I had to judge this machine on this review would read differently; however I am fortunate enough to have two 2X's in my personal collection and have tested over 10 others from our sale stock; so it is with great confidence that I can report that this latest 3D printer in the Makerbot collection can be a very good machine. It does however have limitations, and the note by Makerbot that it is a “machine for the experienced 3D printer” is one that should definitely be heeded!

In Short the Replicator 2 wins hands down for resolution capabilities, reliability, and ability to print overhangs. This is primarily a result of the filament fan plays in quick setting the filament as you print. The second nozzle also does no favours to print quality in the 2X (or any dual extruding machine).


 The Replicator 2

The Replicator 2 (PLA only) creates high quality prints with a high resolution, the addition of the filament fan makes this a superior machine.


The Replicator 2X

The Replicator 2X creates the best dual extrusion we have ever seen and creates better resolution and has a higher reliability for ABS printing than any other printer used to date.



If you do not need ABS and do not require Dual extrusion, opt for the Replicator 2, it wins hands down every time. But if you need ABS/Dual capabilities you will find the Replicator 2X a great machine to use; just bear in mind this machine does have limitations, these are outlined conclusively within the MakerBot Replicator 2 verses 2X brochure.

Want more? Want to touch and feel the samples in the article for yourself? You can buy the info pack, see the differences for yourself and make an informed choice. This pack includes 5 sample prints from the Replicator 2 and 2X and a full colour printout of the 4 page article explaining the differences between the prints and print quality.