Filament : Support It! Dissolve It! Experiment with it! 

We have been busy experimenting with so many new and exciting filaments over the last few months and we have some really great news for you all....well three pieces of news actually: 

1. Support material:
Makerbot users have you upgraded to the latest 2.2 Makerware? Rendering times are phenomenally fast now and the support material is amazingly easy to remove and SOOOOO much less. We are loving it.

2. Dissolving Octopus anyone?
We were sick of waiting for Makerbots PVA (which has been unavailable since October last year and sat down with an associate company to talk Bilby brand PVA. We have been working on this for a long time and are delighted to announce it is in stock now!

3. Australian Nylon Anyone?
We joined forces with an Australian company who specialise in Nylon and are manufacturing Australian Nylon filament!
There are 2 great things worth celebrating here. 
1: Its actually made in Australia!
2: It is cheaper than the American product. Win Win

Read all about it below, and let us know what other filament you would like to see.

Till next time
Happy Printing
Lee Bilby

Australian Nylon joins our range! 
This new experimental filament is AUSTRALIAN MADE!

We have teamed with an Australian Nylon manufacturer to produce beautiful nylon filament that is clear when printed very thin and milky white when more solid. We have been extruding at 220 degrees with great results...more information coming soon.

We have had them made on plastic spools measuring 16cm wide and 80mm deep with a 56mm hole (compatible with all 3D printers). We expect them in stock by the end of July.

Our Nylon Filament is just like the American product known as "Taulman3D", but will cost you much less and comes on a spool! Pre order Now for only $34.95 a spool 

We can manufacture these in other colours...but which colours do you want? Email  and let us know which colours you would like. You can of course also dye nylon filament with fabric dyes.

Have you seen my dissolving Octopus?

Our PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol) is water soluble and comes on a 500g spool, a more handy size for experimentation, and is for 1.75mm extrusion. We have had is manufactured to be easier to use and dissolve than the Makerbot brand PVA. We have tested it on Makerbot 3D printers.

You can just swap the filament from your extruder, and load in the PVA filament as normal, then build objects just like you would with ABS or PLA- just change the extrusion temp to 185-195 degrees

We have experimented and tested it and produced a fact sheet with some cool dissolving Octopus photos - 
check it out OR check out the dissolving octopus here 


PVA dissolves rapidly with simple submersion in water.

Fine parts will begin to dissolve immediately!

To speed up disolving, gentle stirring can be applied. Warm water also speeds up the process.


We printed our octopus with 2 shells, 10% Fill and at a 0.2 layer height. He was

4.5 cm wide and his legs were 0.4mm tall/thick, while his body was 3cm tall.

As you can see in seconds the wispy strings between the legs dissolved.

By 30 minutes he almost had no legs. By 2hrs he was gone.

We started with water at 34°C, which had dropped to 24°C within 1 hour.

BUY IT NOW : ONLY $60.00

Make Me A Key Ring

We have 2 different Keyring packs available, both in sets of 10 and ready for you to attach your 3D printed pendant.

Great for school project or gift giving.
There are two types of keyrings to choose from! 

Each pack of 10 Keyrings is ONLY $5.00

Looking for friends?

We have set up a "Places and spaces to meet other techy people " page to document venues where 3d printing enthusiasts can get together across the country! 
If you want to add your group contact!

Intellecta Saturday Arvo Technology Sessions
Inquire about these sessions now! Intellecta will show you great 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, heat press fabrics, electronics and more! 
Phone: 08 8351 8288 or Email:

We encourage other organisations to let us know when they meet, so we can help promote you. Send info to