Some customers, who have bought their Makerbot 5th Gen 3D printers and wants to connect them to WiFi. We have made a short and simple note for them to make it easier for them.  

This is how to connect for the first time:

On the LCD screen, if you go to your printer's info and then network you will find that all the information (IP address, Subnet Address, Gateway, DNS and WiFi network) are probably N/A other than your connection type which is offline and mac address which is your printer's identity.

Now firstly you need to connect your printer to your LAN or modem  through Ethernet cable so that this data get filled automatically other than WiFi network.

You also need to connect your computer through USB cable with printer and then go to Makerbot desktop > device >Device preferences > WiFi connection and their you will find you printer WiFi enable is activated. Click on Enable button, click on WiFi connection select your WiFi name and then enter password at password section.

After this, take off USB cable.and your printer is on WiFi.

To select printer for WiFi activity, go to on your Makerbot desktop click on device > connect to a device, you will find your printer as an Makerbot Replicater will appear , click on that now you need to confirm from your printer by pressing its knob. after pressing your printer knob you are able to control your printer through your computer without physically connected.

Bilby3D hopes you found this helpful